post-shopping (tgid*) dinner

Published on December 23 2006


(*tgid= "Thank God it's DONE")

skinnyThe best thing---nay, the ONLY good thing about Christmas shopping on the VERY LAST SHOPPING DAY BEFORE THE HOLIDAY is the Chinese Buffet at the end. I had my shoes off underneath the table....ahhhhhh, heaven.....


Santa's Helpers....Mr. Indiana and Ms. Michigan. Yes. We *are* Midwesterners. How did you guess?dinnnnner



Mom says:

"Mushrooms and Noodles are GOOD for you. Kwitcherbitchen and EAT YOUR 'SHROOMS."



And knowing that ALL the Christmas shopping is done is even BETTER.

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Okay, okay, lol!! Yer straining my HS Spanish pretty badly!!

But I'm glad to hear you're having a good time doing housing construction :P
Bien, I'm alegre usted tenía un buen rato mientras que usted estaba en San Antonio. Tenemos gusto de él aquí, y mira más como el decert que me utilizan a.
That resemblance of the schools was the very first thing I saw in that movie. I would have sworn that it was filmed at Washington school.
Gullible as I am, I never fell for the sticking-your-tongue-to-the-monkey-bars thing. Not after I watched one of the "big kids" do it when I was in Kindergarten, lol!
And though there was no mean older sister in the movie, the two brothers did remind me of you two.
Hey! You got any snow down there??? :)) Say hi to San Antonio and the Riverwalk for me. San Antonio era el lugar más feliz de mi vida.
Mine too. It over took "Its a wonderful life" a few years back. Corey and I have been watching the "Christmas Story" marathon yesterday and today. It is ironic the parallels that movie has with my life. Little Brother Big Brother, dealing with Bullies on the way to school, Blowing a fuse and pounding said bullie, opening Christmas presents, sticking tongue to monkey bars and it getting stuck. Even the school he went to in the movie looked like Washington Elementary and Fulsher school. Too Wierd!
"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

That is my favorite movie of all time, I think. I know I've seen it at least 20 times. Especially since WGN runs it for 24 hours straight every year.