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Published on December 22 2006

Was out to the folks' house a couple of days ago. Dad had some papers to show me, something we have been seeking for a very long time. My great-grandparents on my mother's side emigrated from Germany, arriving in Wisconsin around 1885. I have an oak kitchen table which was one of their first purchases here in the States as they were setting up their household in their new country. My parents gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago, and it's one of my treasured possessions (I'm kinda weird about family heirlooms. I'd rather have a beatup rocking chair that's been in the family for a hundred years than a new La-Z-boy ANY day). Anyway, that's all we really knew about them. My mother describes her grandparents as somewhat close-mouthed, never discussing Germany. Family lore has it that Great-Grandpa Christoph had to leave Germany because he killed a man, but nobody really knows. All we knew is that they corresponded with relatives in Berlin during WW2, and lost contact with them after the War. I had always wondered if, knowing the family story about leaving Germany the way he did, my great-grandfather may have changed his name upon arriving in this country. Maybe that's why we could never find their name on any ship's records or immigration lists. We never knew exactly when they left, when they got here, or HOW they got here. We know now. closeup.jpg This is a jpeg of a list of immigrants arriving at New York ( not through Ellis Island, which didn't open for business until 1892) on July 25th, 1885. The Stelter family, which included Christoph, wife Elina (known as Lena), and children Emma and Ernst; departed from the port of Stettin, Germany (now a part of Poland, and I'm not even going to *try* to spell the name!) on the ship "Katie". No, my grandfather Otto is not listed there, as he was born a year or two after their arrival in 'sconsin. Got 'em.

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No problem, I understand you have A LOT going on. After things settle down, I do want to get together with you and try to update the family tree data and add photos to the appropriate names. I have scanned a bunch of pictures that Dad gave me. I may have sent them to you already but I can't remember. I'll put together a CD and send it to you anyway. The original manifest image would be fine though. Just send it to my email. I'll take a look at the link. Thanks
I major crashed my Family Tree Maker awhile back, so I'll have to get the data off Dad's 'puter. Most of the photos I've scanned are scattered around on my photo pages, but I guess it wouldn't be TOO much work to get a CD together with all of it in one place.<br /> I have a <i>lot</i> more scanning to do on the photos, but that will be a project for after all the fun&amp;games here are done. I'm sure you understand, but I'm just having a hard time dealing with what's on my plate now, lol.<br /> I can send you the original image of the ship's manifest, though.<br /> <br /> In the meantime, look at <a href="">this link</a>. I need to update it, and the front page doesn't have much on it yet; but you might find it interesting. Click on the list of stuff on the left-hand side to begin--the "surnames" list will keep you out of trouble for awhile, lol!
Hey, I was going to ask you if you had a copy of the data you have saved in Family Tree Maker that you could send to me. Also if you have a CD or something with all of the family photos that you have sacnned in so far. I'd like a copy if possible. Also a copy of the manifest with the stelters name on it if possible. I am sure you are way ahead of me on the information you have entered. Thanks