yep. couldn't sleep. today's the day!

Published on November 16 2006


So I lay awake half the night, pondering age-old questions.

Why do the boys at work refer to my brand-new, company-required goggles as "birth control glasses"?

And why does everyone look at me, and break out in laughter? (Okay, that's not uncommon; it's just a little more frequent now.)





*I* think they're kinda hot. Think I'll wear them to the concert!!

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Heheh, not being of the management persuasion myself, I haven't sat in on a meeting like that. "Evil Plot", indeed! We always knew you people are out to get us!!
The goggles resulted from the decision to enforce a rule about goggles in dusty areas. Since a good share of my job is firewatch in the dustiest area in the place, guess who that means? I understand "safety" and all, but did they really have to go with prescription goggles this ugly???
You would look totally normal sitting on a Harley. I think the glasses are a way for the company to punish employees.
(Management):"I know, lets find the funkiest looking safety glasses on the market and make it manditroy for our employees to wear them. Then we'll really have them where we want them!" Its an evil Plot!