two hours ago, the sun was shining

Published on November 10 2006

[UPDATE 11:00am] Those pics were taken 6" ago. Up to about 9", and still coming down. I just spent an hour and a half SHOVELING. I think bike season might be over.]

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But it looks so calm & serene. heh heh heh. It almost looks like cotton fields. Yeah Yeah I know, I have a sick sense of humor. BBBRRRR
Uuup, never mind. There's a couples inches on the ground now. I spoke too soon.

At least Shannon got out at 1:00! I had to be at school until four still!
OH MY GOSH! That looks horrible.

They were predicting 4094834 inches for Portage county today, so in preparation, I put my bike away for the winter *tear*. I woke up to a bare, brown outside today.