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Published on November 2 2006

Too bad it's over such a saddening incident. Duct tape no substitute for a babysitter, police say
JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AP) -- A woman accused of duct-taping her two children together and leaving them home alone has been charged with child abuse, the sheriff's office said. Agla Nadia Vincent, 25, was arrested Monday following a seven-month investigation into whether she left her two boys, then aged 2 and 3, taped to each other while she went to work, said Lt. Annie Smith of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

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I know.<br /> <br /> That's why I didn't do it again after the first time.<br /> <br /> Heh.
I'm not sure which is worse, Being duct tape, or the fact that she duct tape the two boys together. I know for me, duct taping me and my brother together would have been like duct taping two cats together by the tail. RREEEEOOOOOWWWW Hisss, Hissss.