Satan has been captured alive...

Published on October 30 2006

...he finally got hungry, and came out from his hiding place. Apparently he spent all day hiding (sleeping) in my knitting basket, which has airholes large enough for a hamster to squeeze into, since I spotted him as he was squeezing out. He is now safely back in his cage, Shannon is smiling again at the safe return of her pet, and I'm speculating on the amounts of hamster poop on my mittens-in-progress. And I only got bit once. All is well in this household.

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Uh huh...<i>you</i> weren't the one wondering how a hamster somewhere in your bedroom was going to smell in a few days....<br /> <br /> let alone worrying whether Satan was going to run across your face in the middle of the night.
haha, this is too cute!