Satan is loose in my bedroom

Published on October 30 2006

Yes, you read that right. Satan. The hamster. Got up early this morning (damn that Daylight Savings Time thing!) and was walking 'round, making my bed, picking up stray pillows off the floor, heading to the kitchen for the morning caffeine fix--and spotted a movement out of the corner of my eye. I stood there in complete disbelief as a mottled white creature strolled through the door and skittered under the bed. After I picked my jaw up off the floor and realized that no, it wasn't a MOUSE; I crawled around trying to catch the little monster, simultaneously fearing the bite I knew I would get. You see, we have two hamsters. Hoss, who is named for his size, is brown with glowing red eyes and looks like the meanest little SOB who ever ate hamster chow, but is a complete baby who seems to enjoy being handled and petted. The second, a beautiful mottled white and gray, is named Satan for his habit of standing up, fangs out and tiny claws extended, screaming (at least as much as it is possible for a rodent to scream) at the approach of a hand. How does one capture a wild hamster? Even Tiger won't go near this mean little critter. I'm hoping we can catch him before he goes ten toes up. Or is that 20?

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Satan has been captured alive…...

…he finally got hungry, and came out from his hiding place. Apparently he spent all day hiding (sleeping) in my knitting basket, which has airholes large enough for a hamster to squeeze into, since I spotted him as he was squeezing out.
He is now...