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Published on October 29 2006


Got busy this morning doing some cleaning of the proverbial "Undies Drawer". Amazing the things you find in there.... for example, the "boyshorts" that were all the rage a year or so ago. Women's undies that were supposed to mimic mens' boxers on a smaller tighter scale. Yeah...underwear with no elastic on the bottom. I'll give you two guesses as to where those babies bunch up when worn!

Anyway, buried under the boyshorts-that-went-in-the-trash were all sorts of other little treasures. Old photographs, three boxes of slides which must date to about 1985 (the last time I actually used slide film); lace scarves my grandma gave me before she passed, a gas-fired curling iron (GAS?? And I haven't used a curling iron since about 1983 or so!), and.... a pair of glasses from my college days. Gradient lenses. Glass lenses that weigh A TON.

I put them on. Much hilarity ensued.....

Suddenly, I feel like Sally Jessy Raphael.

Or Carol Channing.


  In wedgied boyshorts.

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Nobody on this PLANET will live long enough to see those things come back into style, dear. NOBODY.
If my clothing style is any indication, they'll come back. Don't throw them out! They're so gloriously ugly!