October B-days

Published on October 28 2006


shsh.jpg No, our daughters were not supposed to have had birthdays three days apart. We did not plan it that way; but #2 child had other ideas about being a Christmas baby. meshannon.jpg As a result, I am lucky enough to have my two girls with birthdays near mine.

And here are our birthday pics for the year... nothing like a group of October girls on the loose shopping and doing the "ladies who lunch" thing at a Mexican restaurant!!!

And yes, my still-underage-for-three-more-days child drank Pepsi, not Margaritas. (At least, not while she was with her mom.)

Look out, Mastercard!

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Hehehe...it was just that I had the sudden vision of how you would look in old age with a white beard.

You looked pretty good with the beard, by the way.

I also remember the look of absolute HORROR on Chris' face when we asked if he wanted to hold the baby!!
One point I forgot to mention was how humorous Laurie thought the whole thing was. I however, as I was wiping my face off, could not even muster a grin. Oh yes, that's what I said, wiping my face off. And I seam to remember having to ask for a towel because someone was clutching thier side laughing! Sometimes I feel like Rodney Dangerfield.
Everybody has to be famous for something, Shawn--at least you discovered your claim to fame early! ;-)

I am proud that the spewing baby in me will be my familial calling card for a long, long time!

Thanks :D
OBTW Happy Birthday Shawn! Happy Birthday Shannon! My favorite Memory of Shawn was the first time I was given her to hold and she intro'd me to how much babies can spew. Shannon on the other hand was much more respectful of me. Just kidding Shawn, Love Ya! Happy Birthday to all of you. Even though you aren't counting Laurie.