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Published on October 24 2006

One of the requirements for class this week was to take a "job aptitude" test. Considering I've been in more or less one career for a veryveryvery long time, I thought it might be interesting to see what I *should* be doing with my life!! I clipped a lot out of the approximately 15-PAGE report. (It took me longer to read the report than it did to actually take the test--and I'm a speedreader!)
Overall, your responses to the statements in the assessment instrument reveal you to be a Goal Oriented Thinker - A Team Strategist. Your overall ratings reveal you to be a self directed person, and this is a very important characteristic of a high achiever. You like to accomplish things on your own. You are more likely to be an independent, rather than a team oriented achiever. You prefer work settings that enable you to be a self empowered leader rather than a person who needs to be led or closely managed by others. You are generally a highly motivated person who does not need to be "pushed" by others. You are likely to set demanding standards of accomplishment for yourself. As a strategist, you have exceptional gifts for others on your work team as a result of your high technical competence.
Flattery will get you everywhere! Self-directed!! Self Empowered!! Highly Motivated!! Exceptional Gifts!! Technically Competent!! Who are they talking about!!
You tend to have a higher need to take charge of situations than most others. This is an essential characteristic of leadership, but is often found among those who tend to like to influence others and seek positions in management. This is clearly an asset that you bring to the organization-the ability to focus on what needs to be done so that it will be done right. High scores in this area would likely make you a born trouble-shooter, being able to work through crises with relative ease when compared to others. Some may see you as a risk taker, too, but this may not be how you see yourself.
Shooting trouble is my *favorite* activity, so they got that part right! :D
Your interests in working with data are higher than most others. This is a potential strength that you might want to leverage for yourself, as you are probably more likely to master subjects that rely on data analysis than most others. On every work team there is a need for someone who works well with data, budgets, financial statements, administrative records and the like.
They obviously haven't seen the state of my checkbook. Or my desk. But this last part was the part that truly hurt, considering I RUN AN UMPTY-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR MACHINE FOR A LIVING!
Please do not even think about a career working with mechanical things! You do not like this part of work and, even worse, you probably make things worse rather than better when you try. Every now and then there comes along a person who has a knack for trying to fix things and in doing so, makes things worse, rather than better. Look in the mirror and you might see who we are talking about. A tip: Stick with what you like to do. Do not even 'think' about trying to fix those gadgets that are not working.
Ouch. >:P

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