Now I own a collectors' item!!

Published on October 20 2006

Ford set to produce last Taurus - Yahoo! News
DEARBORN, Mich. - Sometime next week, the assembly line at a Ford plant near Atlanta will come to a halt, signaling the end of a family sedan so revolutionary that its 1985 debut changed forever the way cars look, feel and drive. Say goodbye to the Taurus.
Anybody wanna buy a black stealth Tortoise? That no-hubcap look protects you from radar guns, and the dent in the door only adds to the mystique. And with the "WMD***" license plates, you too could own your very own Weapon of Mass Destruction!!

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The Tortoise must have heard me plotting its sale. I went out to the garage this morning, and there is was.....a flat tire.

I never had the heart to point that out to "you know who" either.

Maybe *that's* why I always find the cars plastered with bumper stickers for the "other guys". ;)
I beleive that is pronounced tortoise. I drive by that plant pretty regularly when I go to Hotlanta. Hey thats pretty funny about the WMD*** plates. I've heard George Bush had something to do with it. Subliminal advertisement to support the War in Iraq as you are driving down the road. I bet "you know who" had no idea all this time that he was supporting "W"s war plans in Iraq, MMMMOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!