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Published on October 12 2006

Candidate touts sex with Packers in campaign - CNN.com
MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) -- Sex! The Green Bay Packers! Sex WITH the Green Bay Packers!
I mean...the headline says it all. The only thing that could have improved it might have been the mention of "deer hunting". And beer. Maybe.... Sex and Leinie's with the Green Bay Packers! Wearing Blaze Orange!! Sandy would win in a landslide. LaFollette wouldn't stand a chance, political legacy or no.
The usually ho-hum race for Wisconsin secretary of state is being spiced up by one candidate's naughty tell-all book about her bed-hopping exploits with Green Bay football legends during the team's glory days under Vince Lombardi in the 1960s. Sandy Sullivan, a 65-year-old Republican with no political experience, self-published a gushing memoir in 2004 titled "Green Bay Love Stories and Other Affairs" in which she claims she was the girlfriend of Green Bay Packers Paul Hornung and Dan Currie, deflected a pass from Hall of Famer Don Hutson and was on the receiving end of a saucy comment from Richard Nixon. In it, she confides that her goal was always to marry a pro football player, saying they are "fast, sleek and clean," are built like "Greek gods" and love women. "The football players of the 1950s and '60s were every bit as 'HOT' as the men of the present day, if not more so," Sullivan writes of the days when she was a trim, miniskirted brunette who did some modeling. "Remember, the '60s was the 'dawning of the Age of Aquarius' and some women ... were thrilled to experience this brave, new freedom, and celebrate our sexuality ... and the football players loved it!"

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