They're almost gone

Published on October 9 2006

Look out, you southern-type folks -- they're on their way. The last week or so, I've been able to hear honking nearly every night as they fly over. They're also on the ground. Leaving PILES of goose poop behind. Some of which I managed to pedal over on the trail the other day and splatter EVERYWHERE. Goose poop on a white sweatshirt is an instant laundry problem. Doesn't scrub off bare legs too well, either.
geese2.JPG I love nature.

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Ok, I gotta tell this story. A new guy I work with who just came from Anchorage Alaska, was pulling out of the parking lot at work when he drove past a flock of these Canadian Geese when one of then took off toward him. As he passed by in his brand new Chevy Colorado, the offending goose released his payload and as my friend drove by with his window open, the payload arrived on target and plastered the inside of his truck. EEEEEWWWWW!!! Welcome to Georgia!!!! He had to take 2 hours off to get his truck cleaned, but it has never been the same. The geese are protected, but who protects us from them?