Wooooooo [expletive deleted] Hooooooooo!!!!

Published on October 7 2006

She shoots! She SCORES. Something good had to happen this weekend, right? Item #37 on my list is about to be completed. Thirty-odd years since discovering his music and falling in love....I'm finally going to get to see him. I just knew he'd hate retirement, I just KNEW it! Bob sweetie, get the leathers out and Wait For Me, I'm coming to Milwaukee!!!
I love the answer to the inevitable question about going out on the road at the age of 61. "Yeah, I'm going to be doing a few more ballads this time." Now THAT is growing old disgracefully!
    Tickets: $60 each, not counting all the tax and Ticketmonster fees Parking Fees: probably about $100, lol Finally going to see one of my alltime favorite beloved rockers perform in REAL LIFE: Absolutely Priceless.
Two tickets. MAIN FLOOR seats. Going to be weird to not be in the nosebleed seats! :-D Who wants to go???

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