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Published on September 28 2006

Urination will go to committee
A local decision that schoolboys must sit on toilet seats when urinating has provoked political debate. The head of The Democrats Party, a splinter group of former Progress Party hardliners, Vidar Kleppe, is outraged that boys at Dvergsnes School in Kristiansand have to sit and pee. Kleppe accuses the school of fiddling with God's work, and wants the matter discussed at the executive committee level of the local council, newspaper Dagbladet reports. "When boys are not allowed to pee in the natural way, the way boys have done for generations, it is meddling with God's work," Kleppe told the newspaper. "It is a human right not to have to sit down like a girl," Kleppe said. Gjul told NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) that the young boys are simply not good enough at aiming, and the point was to have a pleasant toilet that could be used by both boys and girls. (Aftenposten English Web Desk/NTB)
No. I just can't comment on this. I just can't. But I bet it makes for an interesting School Board meeting!

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ROFL<br /> <br /> This is great. You can bet Finland will be next. *snicker*<br /> <br /> Neighbour, Sweden, of course, considers it a Feminist issue that men should sit down on the toilet rather than flaunt their manhood by standing. In fact, they equate it to a "dog marking its territory."<br /> <br /> Dutch and Danes tend to do it just because (thus the origin of "European girly-men!" comments post WWII). Of course, they fact that they want to have conversations while doing the deed probably intensified it. *snicker*<br /> <br /> But I digress.<br /> <br /> Good stuff. ;-)