Darn rain

Published on September 16 2006

Yep, got over to the Demo rides and down came the rain..... and for SOME reason, Harley-Davidson doesn't think they should let us overeager possible buyers play on their toys in a downpour. Can't imagine why.... So all I got to do was dry the seats (I will leave it to your imagination as to exactly *how* I did that) of various models. Today, the Night Train is my favorite!!! Ninety-six inches (I've had CARS with smaller motors!) of throaty rumble. That "blacked-out" stealth paintjob (I never got into the chrome thing). Drag bars. Bobbed fenders. Drool. Even if it *is* a Softail. Squirrely damn things.
my next bike.JPG Tomorrow, I'll probably fall in love with the V-rod again. Heh.

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