The Rumbling has begun....

Published on September 13 2006

There's a deep throaty rumble in the distance this morning, something far away. You can feel it getting closer, though. IT'S FALL RIDE TIME!!! I hope to be posting some pictures from 'Sconsin's "Little Sturgis", even though I'll be working this weekend. Still might get a little riding time in, though. "Precious" will be out there in the crowd!!

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I'm going to try to enjoy the ride too. Especially since I've been told I should enjoy the bike while I still have it, lol.

You know what's bad, though? I seem to have shrunk out of my favorite leather jacket. I swim in the thing now!! :-((
One day, I too shall have my ride! But until then, I'll have to settle for reading about it. Can't wait to see the pictures.