Party pics!!

Published on September 4 2006

Just a couple of the pics from the get-together to celerate this. About thirty of us congregated at the Pinetree for dinner and drinks, Fifties music, and a good time! More pics to come on my Flickr page. S4011353-1 Mom and Dad, me, and my two "baby brothers"--I've looked up to them since about the time they hit 18. I love to hang out with them, because I love feeling short in heels! (Not to mention, they are great guys.) S4011351-1 Mom and Dad, with four of their five grandchildren--we missed you, Marc. Buying a house in San Antonio....well, you're forgiven this time, but we really want to see you and Brooke at the next reunion! S4011371-1 Me and my little girlies S4011376-1 I still can't believe she did "rabbit ears" behind my head...... sigh.

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