The more things change...

Published on September 4 2006

..the more they stay the same, lol! Gateway Pundit: Democrats Pull Out 1864 Party Platform- Dust It Off For 2006
This is really amazing!... Democrats haven't changed a lick in 142 years! Hat Tip to Nahanni for pointing this out! So who does this remind you of? From the Son of the South website: By 1864, the Country had grown weary of the long and bloody Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of the countries' best and bravest young men had fallen on the fields of Bull Run, Antietam, Shiloh, and countless more. Many began to think that the war was not worth it, and the price of freedom too great. The Republican Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln thought no price was too great for the abolition of slavery and the creation of a society in which a man was not judged by the color of his skin. Unfortunately, after four long years of war, Lincoln's support was dropping fast, and people were looking for a way out of the war.

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