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Published on September 3 2006

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"We saw back then what we were capable of at our best, and now find ourselves just moving on, willing to listen to our leaders but not necessarily believe them, supporting the troops but disputing their mission, waiting, more resigned than resolved, for the next twist in the plot. No, we don't know how the story ends. The idea that history is written by the victors has been wrongly credited to Winston Churchill, but he did say that, "If you are going through hell, keep going." But you wonder whether years from now -- five? 10? 50? -- there will come a day when the victors actually know that they've won, that the battle is over and they can set about the writing. And whether even then, they will be sure that they have got the story right."
How one views history is entirely dependent on the source, as I found out so well during the History class this last semester. History isn't always written by the victors, either. If you believe that, I have a well-marked-up, highlighted, pages-missing textbook to sell you. And obviously TIME thinks the same way, judging by the tiny byline at the bottom of the cover "The Conspiracy Myths of 9/11". At least, they call them "myths" on the cover--who knows what weight they will be given in the article? I haven't bought TIME in a long time, but I think I might have to go out and pick up this issue. If for nothing else, I want to see a larger version of that incredible view from the Chrysler building on the cover.

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