End of summer

Published on September 25 2005

1 - number of times I did the whole Hazelhurst to Tomahawk on the Trek. 2 - piles of bear...um, "scat"...I saw this summer. Yes, I know where the big bear poops. Right in the MIDDLE of the bike trail. 3 - number of deer I saw this evening on my ride. 4 - number of suicidal squirrels I've almost squooshed this summer on rides. 5 - number of times I got soaked by rain while riding. 6 - the number of gears on my 24-speed bike that I actually used! 7 - 8 - number of times I did the full Bearskin trail 9 - 10- average miles per day since I started riding at the end of May. . . . . 645- number of times I heard Ben Folds' "Landed" on the 'pod. How ONE purchased song managed to replicate itself on every single playlist (even my audiobooks file!!) is beyond me. Some kinda virus, I guess.

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