WCCO: Vang Found Guilty In Deer Hunters' Deaths

Published on September 16 2005

WCCO: Vang Found Guilty In Deer Hunters' Deaths
On Thursday, Vang took the stand in his defense. He said he fired at the group of hunters because he feared for his life. Vang said the shootings happened after one of the white hunters used profanities and racial slurs when angrily confronting him for trespassing in a tree stand used to hunt deer last fall. Vang insisted he killed the hunters in self-defense, although the two survivors of the shootings testified earlier that only one shot was fired at Vang, and that was after he had already shot the victims. When cross-examined by Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager, Vang was asked if each victim deserved to die. Vang answered "no" in some cases and "yes" in others. Autopsies showed the youngest of the victims, 20-year-old Joey Crotteau, was shot four times in the back or side. Three others -- Robert Crotteau, Laski and Jessica Willers -- were shot in the back, some multiple times. Roidt was shot once in the head and Drew was shot once in the lower chest.

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