Back to the Future, or something like that

Published on November 21 2008

For all his talk of transformation, Obama's earliest decisions suggest something odd: The more things change, the more they look like the 1990s. Some predict a Clinton Restoration in the making.
Obama's Clinton-era picks tend to fit the Bill -- Yup. Welcome to the 90's. Especially with this choice.

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laurie 10/10/2012 03:37

Look forward to another "vacation from history".

Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:37

Okay, I have thought and dwelled on your comment and have come to the conclusion that I have no earthly idea what you meant by it? Duh, Please help me out as I am a little slow.

laurie 10/10/2012 03:37

You aren't slow, I just didn't explain what I was thinking.
Well, look back to the 90's. The Cold War was over, we came out on top, and there was absolutely no "enemy". How many Americans paid any attention to "foreign policy", let alone terrorist threats? We took a vacation, thinking we didn't have to really deal with it since we no longer had an enemy-- surprise!

I'm sort of guessing that all the excitement over economic problems is going to cause us to forget about things like Iran, for example.
Until, of course, they have nukes and missiles capable of delivering them.

Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:37

Ok, Now I understand. You’re absolutely right. But it didn't start just in the 90's. Even toward the end of Reagan’s last term, we were taking a break. We had the Afghans and the Iraqis in our back pocket and our economy was in full speed ahead mode. All we were worried about was whether or not we could afford our next new car, home, boat etc. We never learn. Unfortunately, because we never learn, we repeat the same crap over with each generation. Problems are different, but our response is always the same. We eventually let down our guard until some thug country or criminal element pops us right between the eyes and we spend the next years waving our flag and going back to church, calling on God and doing our best to pulverize the enemy. Then the cycle starts all over again. If we could just learn not to let down our guard, we would stop a lot of this repeating our mistakes. Oh well, Live and learn, well maybe not....

Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:37

Oh come on? Like we didn't see any of this coming? Promise them anything to get into office and then CHANGE the game once you are in. Change you can beleive in! That's the only change that is going to happen. The One is no different than any other politician.