After all these years....I *still* hate tests

Published on December 29 2006

Midterm in progress. Wish me luck, lol. [Update two hours later] My head is spinning. Three essays and a bunch of multiple choice questions....and I got one MC question wrong, so no perfect score for me! :-(( And the essays? Not a clue how I did. I can't even remember what I wrote, to tell you the truth.

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Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:34

AAhh, the good old days of Dorm Parties, Jungle Juice, kegs and trying to remember where you left your car. :)

mad 10/10/2012 03:34

Your comment on getting the education while you're young has some very good points. On the other hand, hopefully we aren't dealing with distractions like wapituli parties and boys (girls).

Hopefully, that is. Some of us are still dealing with a few distractions. :-))

Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:34

Kinda-sorta-ex-hippie? I think you were a little late for the hippe movement. You were more post hippie distress taunted by the on slaught of Disco.
Not that I need to tell you this Shawn but your Mom and I are poster children for "Get your education while your young because its alot hard when your old and crotchety" like us. Old people don't like change, new ideas are not accepted without resistance and taking a class from a professor who is young enough to be your off spring is a little hard to swallow. But we forge ahead hopefully not running into anything harder than out own heads. I hope to have my undergraduate degree in time for retirement when I can start my new career as a bait & tackle shop owner operator. I can only dream.

mad 10/10/2012 03:34

Ah, "relativism"... Always good to be sensitive to other POV's; but there are limits, and that's speaking as a kinda-sorta-ex-hippie. Eventually, you have to make a judgment of some sort, right?

Logic class was a loooooong time ago, obviously.

And isn't it hilarious that here we are, two old farts in our forties, talking ABOUT GRADES??!! (Shawn, you can jump in here and laugh at us anytime)

Kidbrudder 10/10/2012 03:34

I'm having mid-term "test pains" myself. 5 Essay questions and 30 MC. Critical Thinking Sucks! I think the professors who wrote this book are left wing hippy liberals who want me to throw away any notion I may have of right or wrong so that I can be more"sensitive" to others points of view. UUgghh!
OBTW congrats on th good grade. You always under estimate your abilities :)